Paul and Annie Present!

Archive of a 2019 concert series at the Luckart Gallery by Boccabella's Restaurant, 438-442 Lexington Street, Auburndale, MA

This was a swinging set of concerts and we hope to revive the concept in the not-too-distant future!


February 16: Paul Rishell & Annie Raines with special guest Brad Bensko

March 16: Duke Robillard and Sugar Ray Norcia Trio with Brad Hallen

April 12: Billy Novick and Guy Van Duser

May 4: Benefit for Passim with The Bob Davoli Band featuring Kevin Barry, Phil Grenadier, Gabriela Martina, and more!

June 1: Double bill: Les Sampou and Geoff Bartley

June 26: Jim Kweskin with special guests Paul Rishell & Annie Raines

more shows may be added - check back soon for ticket links and more!



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Country Blues musicians Paul Rishell & Annie Raines met Steve Siegel through the auspices of the Passim School of Folk Music. Last November, when Steve was taking Annie's Harmonica Ensemble class at the Passim School, he casually mentioned that a friend of his owned a building with an art gallery space attached to a Café and bar. Steve had a dream of having a music venue in Newton and thought this could be a perfect setup if someone with musical connections were involved. Annie shared her and Paul's dream of opening their own club. She then made a quiet visit to Bocca Bella Café and Bistro, ordered some Eggplant Parmigiana, and peeked through the window into the empty room next door. Suddenly, a pilot project was born. Steve and Paul and Annie have teamed with the Bocca Bella family up to host this spring concert series with a goal of learning the ins and outs of concert promotion while presenting virtuosic roots musicians in an intimate setting. 

So far, the results have been amazing. Sold-out shows, appreciative audiences and great music. And yes, we're learning as we go. We are deeply indebted to: Estuardo and Laura Aguilar for letting us use their place; Anthony Vega and the Bocca Bella family and crew for co-hosting with bar and food service; Wooden Kiwi Productions for building our awesome portable stage; Tom Hazeltine for helping transport the stage; Jerry Reilly of Newton Nomadic Theatre for providing a professional backdrop and extra publicity; Theresa St. John for advice and support; and many other people who have provided expertise as well as everyone who has come to the shows and supported the musicians.

We have two more concerts in the series and a lot of ideas to sort through. It's possible we could add more shows as well as classes, but it's also possible we will take the summer to regroup and plan the next phase. This series has given us an incredible opportunity to give like-minded souls a place to gather and share a musical experience. We want to keep building on that.