Live concert videos below. For guitar and harmonica instructional videos, please visit our Education page.

Mojo Rodéo - "Little By Little"

Video from "A Night in Woodstock"

"Orange Dude Blues"

"Blues on a Holiday"

"Can't Use it No More"

Clip from "Louise"

by Paul Rishell. Recorded in Woodstock, NY:

clip from "Dallas"

Clip from "Lover Not a Fighter"

Recorded live in Woodstock, NY. Billy MacGillivray rolling 'em on the drums, Reed Butler reeling in the bass lines, and Chris Rival rallying on 2nd guitar:

Clip from "Moving to the Country"

Recorded live in Woodstock:

Clip from "Blue Shadows"

Recorded live in Woodstock. With Bruce Katz on piano!:

Dust My Broom

A 21-year-old Annie Raines backing up Kenny Holladay and Butch McClendon at a barbeque in a barn in Deerfield, Mass., in 1990. Notice the sandal-clad feet, tapping on the 1 and 3 and kicking away mosquitoes.

You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had

Some Blues By Butch, featuring Annie on harmonica (off camera), Butch McClendon singing and playing guitar, Mark Elliott on the 1-string bass, Syd Smart or Tuffy Kimble on drums, and Kenny Holladay sitting in on slide guitar. Filmed in Deerfield in 1990. Annie was 21 and her sole ambition was to BE Little Walter, or Jerry Portnoy, almost the same thing on a Muddy Waters slow drag.

more videos coming soon!

You can also visit to see a clip of a "livingroom session" we recorded in 2003. Songs include "Kansas City Blues" and "Got to Fly".